Why I'm Called The_Nerd

  1. I have had a dedicated line connecting my house to the Internet since 1994.
  2. I have two /24s (formerly Class C's) of legacy IPv4 address space distributed between two colocation facilities in different cities.
  3. I have either built or modified most of my hardware.
  4. My e-mail has been forwarded to an alphanumeric pager or smart phone since 1995.
  5. I carry a laptop, 2 different PDA phones, a handytalkie and a utility belt.
  6. I have a desktop PC on my nightstand.
  7. I moved from New York to Arizona in August 1993. I left my social life in New York and I have only visited it twice since leaving.
  8. I have so many Internet accounts around the world that I need an encrypted password database to keep track of them.
  9. I usually have at least one soldering iron burn somewhere on my body.
  10. I have more CD-ROMs than music CDs.
  11. I own copies of Revenge of the Nerds, Sneakers, Wargames, Real Genius, D.A.R.Y.L., Explorers, Hackers, Electric Dreams, The Matrix, etc.
  12. I own a NASA pocket protector.
  13. I frequently use the phrase "when in doubt, whip it out," but always in reference to my smart phone.
  14. In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, my first reaction was to set up a web page.
  15. I'm Mensa number 1130570.
  16. I have a shirt with my e-mail address embroidered on it.
  17. I bought the shirt in the last item just so I could have another entry on this list.
  18. I have my own web server, just to host my vanity domains.
  19. I turned my photographic collection into a web site.
  20. I made Mirsky's worst web nicknames page.
  21. I have two shirts with the Internet Direct logo on them, four with the StarNet logo on them, five with the Login logo on them and six with the Simply Bits logo on them.
  22. An index of my computers is available via a web database.
  23. My nick was the 377th most commonly said word on EFnet IRC Channel #Macintosh.
  24. I was the 115th most vocal person on EFnet IRC channel #Macintosh.
  25. I have an office phone system in my house.
  26. My rabbits used to hang out in an old Compaq 8088 case.
  27. There was a Usenet Newsgroup on me.
  28. My dogs (Sasha and Melonie) have microchips in them.
  29. I'm a private pilot. There's no cooler nerd-toy than a plane, and it makes a good excuse to buy GPSs, radios, $40 flashlights, etc.
  30. One of my colocations has its own autonomous system number.
  31. My bicycle has a GPS receiver on it.
  32. Four words: Radio Shack Gold Card.
  33. My BluRay/DVD/LaserDisc inventory is online.